Council of Europe seeks English Language-Checker

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The Registry of the European Court of Human Rights seeks an English Language-Checker (Grade B3), Fixed-term contract

Location: Strasbourg

Job purpose

Under the authority of the Registrar of the Court and the Head of the Language Department, the incumbent will review the linguistic quality of specified categories of the Court’s draft judgments and decisions drafted in English by Registry lawyers who are not native English speakers. This mainly concerns drafts in cases other than Grand Chamber, pilot and leading cases.

Key activities

The incumbent performs the following key duties:

  • carries out a language check of specified categories of documents, in particular draft judgments and decisions, to ensure they are clear, readily comprehensible and grammatically correct, consulting the author where necessary;
  • identifies any terminological problems and searches for and analyses the information needed to resolve them;
  • for each document checked, gives the lawyers concerned the feedback they need to develop their drafting ability in English;
  • provides linguistic assistance to lawyers during the drafting process by giving them opinions and advice on an ad hoc basis;
  • takes part, on a voluntary basis, in training Registry lawyers by devising and running language workshops tailored to their specific needs in drafting the Court’s judgments;
  • contributes to the linguistic databases managed by the translators;
  • takes part in divisional terminology meetings; explains any country-specific difficulties and, where appropriate, justifies the solutions proposed.

Eligibility criteria

Only applicants who best meet the following criteria will be considered for shortlisting:


  • higher-education qualification (at least 2 years of studies) in a relevant field, for example in languages or law, or appropriate professional experience.


  • at least two years of professional experience in the areas of language checking, translation or law (four years for those who do not have the above mentioned qualification).

Language requirements:

  • English mother tongue (or command of English of mother-tongue standard), good knowledge of French.


  • nationality of one of the 47 Council of Europe member states.

Full details and to apply

To find out more and apply, please visit


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