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The Europe Japan Centre are looking for an experienced and flexible Japanese to English translator to join a hard-working team for an 11 month maternity cover.  This role is part-time and remote but requires some morning availability for urgent work. Non-urgent work can be completed flexibly, including in the evening and at weekends.

The Europe Japan Centre (www.ejc.co.uk) is a specialist research and consulting company dedicated to the needs of Japanese organisations. We undertake research projects for Japanese companies, think tanks, research institutes, trade associations, and government organisations, as well as providing various other services.

This role involves turning around client briefs in a short timeframe to enable the team to research and write proposals. Briefs can cover any topic, but tend to focus on social, environmental, energy, and technology-related fields. You will also be required to translate miscellaneous other client communication, including client questions and feedback, letters, emails, etc.


Job brief: part/flexi time, remote working. 16-20 hours per month (4-5 hours per week). Morning availability (UK time) desired for urgent work, with other work to be completed flexibly.

Salary: fixed monthly wage with any additional hours paid at pre-agreed hourly rate.

Requirements: Professional qualification or equivalent experience in translation; native English speaker.

To apply: If you would like to apply for this position, please send your CV and a covering email to Mary Moreton (mary@ejc.co.uk). A more detailed job specification is available on request, with further detail on availability requirements and how this remote role would work in practise.

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