CIOL announces a new trading name for its Awarding Organisation




CIOL Qualifications is the new trading name for IoL Educational Trust (IoLET), CIOL’s Awarding Organisation, and, along with a new name, it also has a new visual identity with an updated logo.

The trading name CIOL Qualifications brings membership and qualifications closer together to create a stronger brand image across all CIOL’s functions. At the same time, the updated image is closely aligned visually to that of CIOL.

The move to the new trading name does not fundamentally affect IoLET's governance, and the official name has not changed, but IoL Educational Trust and IoLET will no longer be used in public facing engagement.

CIOL Qualifications have been updated on the Ofqual register to reflect this exciting change and the new name. All our qualifications now have CIOL Qualifications in the title.

We are currently working to implement the name and logo change on all our documents and website, and to inform candidates, customers and other stakeholders. We aim to have achieved a smooth transition by the end of June 2019.

For further information please email