CIOL Guide to Working with Interpreters remotely for Judges

CIOL recently responded to a direct request for advice from the UK Judiciary.  This was in the form of a short guide for Judges in the UK working with Interpreters remotely especially during the current COVID pandemic.

The advice was compiled by professional Interpreters from CIOL’s Interpreting Division and looked at best practice when working with Interpreters remotely, covering the following areas:

  • Audio-visual factors
  • Language/Communication related aspects
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Lawyer-client communication
  • Breaks
  • Process management

In line with its Royal Charter, CIOL will continue to give guidance to Departments of State, Universities and Institutions who engage professional Interpreters, Translators and educators.  CIOL will continue to seek to help, guide and influence both the public and private sectors in the UK and Internationally to encourage the effective study and practice of languages worldwide.