With the date of the EU referendum fast approaching, CIOL, through an online survey, has canvassed members’ opinions on whether the UK should remain in the EU or not.

CIOL members are language professionals who are based all over the world, working across borders and across languages. So the UK remaining in or leaving the EU is a subject of great importance to many of them for both professional and personal reasons, whether or not they are British citizens.

Almost 23% of those contacted responded to the survey, and around 82% of those who clicked through to the survey completed it.

Nearly 84% of respondents said they are in favour of the UK remaining in the EU, with 16% against staying in.

Respondents against Brexit were prompted to give their two most important reasons, and by far the majority chose ‘Freedom to live and work in other EU countries’ and ‘Better for trade, investment in the UK and jobs’.

‘Sovereignty of UK parliament’ and ‘Greater control over immigration’ were the two most important reasons given for those wanting the UK to leave the EU.

We were also interested to know where respondents lived, and 75% are in the UK, 19% in another EU country, and just 6% outside the EU.

CIOL values the views of its members; the results will now enable CIOL to represent its members on this important issue.


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