CIOLQ – Adaptations of assessment survey


Due to the effects of the Covid pandemic on assessments, CIOL Qualifications (CIOLQ) has produced documentation explaining the adaptations that we have put in place to reduce the challenges of online assessment which we have had to move to during the pandemic.

We are confident that the adaptations will support our candidate community without compromising the level and quality of the qualification that they will have achieved.

Adaptations under the Ofqual Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework and the Extended ERF may take into account changes such as:

  • The mode of assessment delivery
  • Assessment methodology
  • The sequence in which units are assessed

Additionally, results may be calculated by assessment grades but we do not believe that our current qualifications support this as they represent progression to employment and further study.

We are seeking views from employers within the sector and encourage you to read the document which can be found here and provide us with your views and comments on the changes, in particular whether you think that they secure the qualification achievement and its standing in the sector.