Mythbusting Brasil!

Join the Brazil Network for their first online event!

A light-hearted look at some not-so-stereotypical aspects of Brazil.

There will be three short presentations on aspects of Brazil, such as the way the people look and act, climate and culture; the cosmopolitan and multicultural nature of metropolitan giant São Paulo and how its people and their backgrounds have shaped modern-day Brazil, plus a brief look at the history, traditions and culture of 19th century European immigrants in Brazil and their descendants, and how their heritage and, in some cases, original languages are preserved. 


Fernanda Viana - Brazilian myths: (Stereotyped Brazil V Real Brazil) – Fernanda will bust some general myths about the language, popular culture, cities and climate, appearance & behaviour of the people, and what led to the creation of these strereotypes.

Mark Thompson – The European Connection:

Mark will talk briefly about the arrival of European immigrants, particularly Pomeranians in Brazil in the 1850s, and how their culture, traditions and language are preserved to this day.

Cris Petrizzi and Roberto Costa – Brazil: a Multicultural Hot Pot: Cris and Roberto will present on the multicultural and cosmopolitan city of São Paulo, talking about the different nationalities and backgrounds that have made Brazil what it is today.

These presentations will last 15 minutes each followed by a Q&A session.

This event will be held on Zoom – log in details will be emailed to attendees who contact the network via


February 24th, 2021 4:00 PM
Online event
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