CLB - Qualification Withdrawal Statement

Following a review of our qualification offer in the light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and changes to market demand, CIOL Qualifications has made the difficult decision to withdraw the CIOL Qualifications Level 2 Certificate in Languages for Business - QAN 601/4605/9.

We have given notice to the Regulators in writing and have communicated with our Centre, Language Alliance, which has delivered this qualification for many years. 

The Operational End Date (OED) for this qualification is 1 December 2020 and the Certification End Date (CED) is 1 September 2021.


Will CIOLQ offer a replacement for this qualification? 

CIOLQ will not offer a direct replacement for the qualification being withdrawn, however alternative qualifications within this sector may be developed in the future, although there are no current plans to do so.  

What will happen if a candidate has already registered for this qualification? 

For the year 2020/21 there are no active candidate registrations, hence our decision to withdraw following a short timeline. 

CIOLQ will consider the interests of our Centres and their Learners as we manage this qualification withdrawal and will support Language Alliance with options for alternative delivery and assessment. Initially we advise that you enter into early dialogue with Language Alliance so that they can support you in making future decisions around any similar teaching and learning within this subject. 

Should you wish to contact us directly please email