Benefits of becoming a Chartered Linguist

There are a great many benefits of chartership – not only to the chartered professional, but also in the public interest. See below for how chartership can benefit you as a practising language professional.

Enhanced Professional Recognition

A Chartered professional is a person who has gained a certain level of skill or competence in a particular field of work, which has been recognised by the award of a formal credential by a relevant professional organisation. Chartered status is considered a mark of professional competency, and is awarded mainly by chartered professional bodies and learned societies. (Source)


CIOL chartership provides Chartered Linguists with much needed parity with other professionals. Chartership will reinforce your professionalism, illustrate your credentials and will confirm your commitment to improving quality and standards through CPD and a commitment to continuous improvement.

What chartership provides

Public recognition

Chartership is understood as a badge of quality and competence.


It will inspire confidence in users of language services, with employers, clients and peers.

Value and recognition

As the gold standard for practising linguists.


A commitment to Continuing Professional Development; to maintaining high professional standards and to continually developing professional language skills and specialist knowledge.


From other practising linguists, helping you to stand out from the crowd, to increase your professional profile and, if freelance, to enhance your brand.


Chartered Linguists can use the designation CL or Chartered Linguist, with the option of stating a specialism*:

  • CL (Translator)
  • CL (Interpreter)
  • CL (Education)
  • CL (Language Specialist)

Chartered Linguists will be listed on the CL register from the day of registration until 31 August each year, when they will be invited to re-register. For CIOL members this will form part of the annual invitation to renew their membership.

*Specific criteria must be met