Interpreting Division

ID represents interpreters working or with an interest in many different interpreting sectors, including conference, public service and business interpreting, using liaison, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting modes.

ID has an impressive track record of special interest events, CPD activities and networking opportunities

Interpreter's Pack

The Interpreter's Pack, produced by experienced interpreters among from our division for the benefit of members, is a valuable go-to document for all interpreters, especially entrants to the profession. It includes a handy checklist for negotiating assignments, a specimen contract and model terms of business, as well as information to send your clients about how they should go about selecting a qualified interpreter. Members (Career Affiliate and higher) can log in to access the pack on this page.


Our e-group InterpNet, as the name implies, is a network of interpreters, working in a variety of languages and offering different types of interpreting. Members are willing to support and cooperate with other members on the list (all members of professional associations), in terms of work and linguistic assistance.

Our e-group's aim is not to procure additional work for members (although cooperation can lead to this) but to facilitate closer working relationships between people working in similar fields. It is the pro-active approach which is most likely to lead to the benefits envisaged and the greater the cooperation, the easier that becomes.

Social media

We are also present on Facebook. You can start following our profile for updates on events and interesting articles related to interpreting by liking our page.

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Complementary seminars looking at how to cope with copyright, confidentiality and ethics, followed by AGM of the CIOL Interpreting Division.

The first seminar with Maria-Teresa Grau will involve members in discussion about a selection of scenarios which give rise to dilemmas for interpreters.  Please come with your thinking hats on and a copy of the code of conduct you follow!

The second talk with Richard Delaney will be looking at two aspects of our profession that tend not to be discussed all that often; copyright and confidentiality, and the way in which these two aspects relate to our professional conduct as linguists.

Translators and interpreters work creatively, which gives rise to the question of copyright. To what extent is the work of the translator or interpreter protected, and what does this mean in practice?

As far as confidentiality is concerned, it should go without saying that certain client communications must be treated as confidential. But how far reaching is this obligation, and are there exceptions to this? 


10:30-11:00     Registration, welcome and coffee
11:00-12:15     "Interpreting Dilemmas and Professional Conduct in the Digital Era" with Teresa Grau
12:15-13:30     "Copyright and Confidentiality" with Richard Delaney
13:30-14:30    Buffet lunch and networking with colleagues
14:30-15:00    Interpreting Division AGM (any ID members not wishing to attend the seminars or networking lunch are welcome to attend the afternoon AGM session free of charge, but you must still book). 

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Nominations to Interpreting Division Management Commitee

We welcome nominations for new Management Committee members. If you wish to stand for election to the Management Committee, nomination papers were emailed on 9 and 14 May. Please remember to submit the papers to the CIOL Head of Membership (address given in form) by Friday 19 May 2017. For further information on what the voluntary roles involve, please contact us at


Date: Saturday 3 June 2017
Venue: London

ID has run a variety of professional development events, benefitting CIOL members and non-members alike. Click an event to see its original listing and, if applicable, event reports and downloadable materials: