CIOL Qualifications

We offer a range of fully regulated professional qualifications for linguists that are recognised by government departments, agencies, business organisations, universities and schools. We also offer applied language qualifications to accredit language skills for non-specialists in specific contexts.  

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Advice for candidates on the Coronavirus
CIOL Qualifications is committed to supporting our centres and ensuring as little disruption as possible for our candidates. All exam sessions scheduled to take place between April and July have been rescheduled. For detailed information please refer to specific qualifications and the information published. We are constantly monitoring and reviewing the situation. Our priority is to protect the health of all involved in order to safeguard against the spread of the virus. If you have any general queries, please email
Professional qualifications for:

We pride ourselves on the range of languages in which we are able to offer qualification.

In addition to commonly assessed languages such as French, Arabic, Mandarin and Russian for example, we are also able to offer languages such as Bengali, Farsi, Romanian, Somali and Vietnamese as well as spoken/written combinations such as Mirpuri/Urdu or Pakistani Panjabi/Urdu. Overall we assess candidates in over 50 languages during the course of a year.

With quality assurance guaranteed through national regulation of our qualifications candidates can be confident that our examinations are fair, consistent and transparent.

Our qualifications are developed to meet professional language standards and are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain relevant, reliable and valid. They are recognised by government departments, agencies, business organisations, universities and schools.

We draw on a broad network of language experts to support qualification development and delivery and provide a rigorous training programme for all those directly delivering our qualifications.