Through the Glass

People who live abroad, including linguists, become quickly aware of differences in customs, languages (especially metaphors), attitudes, reactions compared to usages, conventions and assumptions in their maternal language or country of origin. These are a source of fascination, occasional bewilderment, and amusement, and they provide rich material for anecdotes and discussion.

More than merely lost in translation, it’s as if we see a different world ‘through a glass, darkly’. At times the bewilderment can even take on shades of Alice in Wonderland (‘through the looking glass’) (!), hence the title of our event. We invite CIOL members - wherever you are, wherever you’re from, wherever you’ve lived, to join us as we share our experiences, observations, stories and insights about moving to a new country, reacting and adapting to the differences we’ve encountered.

The Zoom meeting will be on Thursday 23 September at 6pm.

Please email to book your place

September 23rd, 2021 6:00 PM   to   7:00 PM
Online event (Zoom)
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