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Date & Time: Thursday 16 December 2021, 07:30 pm

Dies ist unsere letzte Veranstaltung im Jahr 2021. Es wird weihnachtlich. Wir werden das Jahr 2021 mit einem Gläschen verabschieden, uns bei Ihnen bedanken und allen nur das Beste für das kommende Jahr wünschen!

Der heilige Nikolaus und der Krampus - Geschichte und Brauchtum in Österreich

Auf dem Weg Richtung Weihnachten bietet der Dezember Jahr für Jahr einem weiteren bekannten Akteur eine Bühne - dem heiligen Nikolaus bzw. Nikolaus von Myra. Dessen Gedenktag ist der 6.12. Dieser Tag wird im Christentum von vielen Menschen mit verschiedenen Volksbräuchen begangen. Besonders...

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The German Language Society runs a variety of professional development events, benefitting CIOL members and non-members alike. Click an event to see its original listing and, if applicable, event reports and downloadable materials:

Norfolk, Friday 20 September 2019

Würzburg, Friday 14 June 2019

Hamburg, Saturday 2 March 2019

Berlin, Saturday 3 November 2018

Vienna, Friday 14 September 2018

Greifswald, Friday 15 June 2018

Düsseldorf, Saturday 3 February 2018

Berlin, Saturday 11 November 2017

Lübeck, Friday 15 September 2017

Berlin, Saturday 5 November 2016

Weimar, Friday 9 September 2016

The German Language Society (GLS) is the continuation of the previous German Society. We aim to be a society for everybody who studies, speaks, works with or simply enjoys the German language and would like to network and exchange knowledge, experience and expertise. GLS promotes the German language in all countries with German as one of the official and recognised languages.

Our mission is to continue previous successful projects such as "Anglophoner Tag" but also to engage with universities, cultural institution, embassies and industries.

Our events will be held in German and English. You don’t need to speak perfect German to join us. 

Jeder ist willkommen, wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch.

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Our history

The German Society was founded in 1986 and had been very successful in providing a useful network of contacts for its dispersed and very varied membership. To keep in touch with members, a newsletter was issued three or four times a year and updates were also available on the CIOL website.

Traditionally, we started the year with the AGM held either in February or March, and we usually combined this with a networking session for members attending. At the AGM in 2018, as part of the formal business, it was agreed to dissolve our e.V. (registered German Society status) to make life less bureaucratic. We had planned to replace the AGM with a Members Day in spring from 2019 onward. An annual event, generally in June, used to be the Anglophoner Tag held jointly with several other associations and translator network working from/into German (currently ITI German Network, Aticom and BDÜ) Hesse). The German Society hosted events in Aachen, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Potsdam and 2018 in Greifswald. They typically covered a variety of language topics.

Another event was the annual Study Weekend in autumn in different regions of Germany and beyond, focusing – how could it be otherwise -on language(s). We visited various places where a recognised minority language is widely spoken, such as Bautzen (Sorbian), Flensburg (Danish), Wismar ("Plattdeutsch"). We also looked at Swiss German ("Schwyzerdütsch"), Luxemburgish ("Lëtzebuergesch") and the language situation/integration in Frankfurt (Oder) on the Polish-German border. Besides, we explored historical links between the UK and Germany, such as in Hanover, Heidelberg, Colditz/Leipzig and Höchstädt ("Battle of Blenheim"). Our 30th-anniversary meeting was held in Weimar, which has always been very popular with many British authors. Several events were held jointly with the Cambridge Society in Cambridge and also in Germany and Austria.

Role Bio
Miss Romana Sustar



My passion for languages started when I learned to read. During my life so far, I learnt that education, art and communication are the key to universal understanding between different cultures and ideologies. I speak seven languages and currently work for a multinational corporation as a digital global outreach manager. I teach languages to ambassadors; I'm a tutor at the UCL - School for Slavonic and Eastern European Studies - and a reporter. I joined CIOL in 2017 and was elected to Council in March 2019. My professional focus is to be a catalyst between different markets, people and cultures.

Personal: I love Lavazza and the seaside.

Mrs Priscilla RINALDI


Committee member

A Brit with an Italian surname: Priscilla, Margaret, Ruth Rinaldi. Born and bred on the Isle of Wight, formed in Wimbledon (/saƱflɅndɅn/) and shaped in Frankfurt' Mainhattan'. I've been teaching English and the warmth of its lilt for the past 40 odd years while learning to appreciate the marched precision of 'forschen' (Duden: Adj. 'forsch':entschlossen und energisch; resolute, zupackend) German, and where I've fallen in love with the 'emotivo' rattle of Italiano. I'm proud to say I've infused my two children with the love and acceptance of all three cultures within them – I'm still working on my grandchildren.

Personal: I love un bel piatto di pasta.


Sworn Translator FCIL

Committee member

I was born in East Germany, went to school in Dresden and studied English and Russian at Leipzig University. I graduated as a translator specialising in translation in the shipbuilding industry and maritime sector, oil and gas industry. I am a sworn translator based in Wismar on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany.

Personal: I love fish and chips


MA DipTrans MCIL

Committee member

I’m a freelance translator and editor based in Cambridge, working from German and Russian into English. I joined the German Language Society shortly before lockdown and I’m looking forward to the day when we can all start exploring our German language connections to places near and far in person!

Personal: I love gardening

If you are interested in supporting the German Language Society we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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