Public Policy

CIOL response to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s report “Inspection of the Home Office’s use of language services in the asylum process May – November 2019” 


We welcome the review by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration Home Office’s use of language services in the asylum process, which has raised a number of concerns and issues; the full report can be found... read more

BEIS Call for Evidence: The Recognition of Professional Qualifications and Regulation of Professions: October 2020

Q1 - Please let us know anything you think we need to understand regarding how effectively regulation works within the sectors in which you have particular interest or expertise.

This response relates to professional linguists working as interpreters and translators in different sectors, including conference, business and public service interpreters.   

Regulation of these sectors... read more

CIOL CSR Proposal for a UK Professional Language Qualifications (UK PLQ) Framework Comprehensive Spending Review 2020 representation: September 2020 


In response to government priorities set out in the Comprehensive Spending Review, The Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) hereby, submits our CSR representation and proposal for the development of a UK Professional Language Qualifications Framework (UK PLQ) to support the UK’s recovery from Covid-19, support international trade and economic growth and promote the UK’s security from cyberthreats and terrorism... read more

MAC Review of the Shortage Occupation List: September 2020 (sections 6E.52 to 6.E54)

Recommendations (p239)

6E.52 - We recommend that SOC code 3412 (authors, writers and translators) is partially added to the SOL (Shortage Occupation List): we recommend that interpreters only are added. The occupation ranks highly (13th) in the RQF3-5 shortage rankings and the job vacancy to employee ratio has been above the median of all eligible occupations... read more